GlycoBind antibody reagents

GlycoBind antibody reagents

GlycoNex has a panel of antibodies targeting various unique carbohydrate antigens. These antibodies are cloned from hybridoma, engineered to improve stability and can serve as high-quality reagent with wide application that include ELISA, Western blot, flow cytometry, TLC immunostaining  and IHC.  There are currently 15 items, with much more products coming soon!

Current GlycoBind™ products

Cat. No. Specificity Isotype Clone Epitope Data Sheet Price

Mouse Antibody

GNXGB01 GD3 IgG1 19B 下載 Contact us
GNXGB03 Sialyl Lea IgG1 NKH3 下載 Contact us
GNXGB04 Lex IgG1 SH-1 下載 Contact us
GNXGB05 Sialyl Lex-Lex IgG1 SNH4 下載 Contact us
GNXGB06 Lex-Lex IgG1 FH4 下載 Contact us
GNXGB07 E-selectin IgG1 E1B/E1C 下載 Contact us
GNXGB09 ALed IgM AH21 下載 Contact us
GNXGB10 Ley-Lex IgM KH1 下載 Contact us
GNXGB11 Sialyl Tn IgG1 TKH2 下載 Contact us
GNXGB12 De-N-acetyl GM3 IgG1 DH5 下載 Contact us
GNXGB13 NeuAcα2-6Gal IgG2b 1B9 下載 Contact us
GNXGB14 ALeb IgG1 HH3 下載 Contact us
GNXGB15 Disialyl Lea IgG1 FH7 下載 Contact us
GNXGB16 ALey IgG1 HH2 下載 Contact us
GNXGB18 Fibronectin IgG1 FDB3 下載 Contact us
GNXGB23 Oncofetal fibronectine IgG1 FDC6 下載 Contact us

Chimeric Antibody

GNXGB03C Sialyl Lea IgG1 NKH3 下載 Contact us
GNXGB04C Lex IgG1 SH-1 下載 Contact us
GNXGB06C Lex-Lex IgG1 FH4 下載 Contact us
GNXGB19C Ley IgG1 FO120 下載 Contact us
  • Figure 2. FACS analysis of Colo 205 using GNXGB03 (Open histogram); PBS control (Filled histogram)

  • Figure 3. Orcinol staining (left) and TLC immunostaining (right) of AGS glycolipid using GNXGB04 .

  • Figure 4. Western blot of Colo 205 lysate using GNXGB03